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Become A DDN DiRECTOR Enablement Partner

Leaders Working To Deliver Systemic Risk And Digital And Cyber Risk Governance Services And Solutions

Join The DiRECTOR(TM) Alliance

DDN's enablement partners are leading information techn ology and cybersecurity services and software firms. They recognize the value of helping their customers and their customers boards develop deeper competencies in governing and managing systemic change and systemic risk in complex digital business systems. These leading services and software firms are at the forefront of developing solutions around these issues in their markets. They conduct a range of services such as systemic risk assessments using the DiRECTOR(TM) framework and build the tools to govern and manage these issues. 

Executive Council Members

DiRECTOR™ Executive Council Members believe that digital success starts in the corporate boardroom and they want to help their clients enable an effective approach to systemic risk management and digital and cybersecurity governance. These organizations are building practices and solutions around these issues. 

DiRECTOR™ Executive Council membership is for leading services and software firms working as trusted advisors to their clients and customers on these issues. 

DiRECTOR™ Executive Council membership benefits include:

  • Unlimited commercial license rights to DDN’s DiRECTOR™ and RISCX™ frameworks to develop and deploy services or software around.
  • Custom development of a Masterclass use case specific to your company's products/services reflecting key issues in systemic risk. 
  • Twenty seats for staff, customers or clients for an exclusive offline or online DDN Masterclass and ability to host, tailor and co-instruct the Masterclass. 
  • A 10% discount on twenty seat bundles to any DDN Masterclass for internal or client use.
  • Right to exclude one competitor from the Executive Council.
  • Priority access to DDN faculty for client service education and delivery support.

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Masterclass Members 

These advocates work with us to educate their clients in a value-added way so that they can be more effective at systemic risk management and digital and cybersecurity risk oversight. These partners leverage our widely acclaimed Masterclass series focused on systemic risk and digital and cybersecurity governance to begin to educate their customers and clients about these issues and to deliver related services. 

DiRECTOR™ Masterclass Member benefits include:

  • Unlimited commercial license rights to DDN’s DiRECTOR™ and RISCX™ frameworks to develop and deploy services around. 
  • Seats for staff, customers or clients for an exclusive online DDN Masterclass at a 10% discount. 
  • Access to DDN Faculty for delivery support at an hourly rate. 
  • Annual license fee of $5,000. 

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