Boardroom Briefings

From The Experts In Digital And Cybersecurity Governance

Build A Digitally Savvy Board

Corporate directors need to understand the latest developments and issues in digital and cybersecurity risk oversight including systemic risk.

You can now keep up to date and learn directly from us. We're the leading experts in advancing director understanding and competencies in digital and cybersecurity governance. 

Our boardroom briefings are 2-3 hours in length and can be delivered online or offline and cover a range of topics including:

  • Systemic risk in digital business systems and the DiRECTOR(TM) framework for digital and cybersecurity systemic risk oversight.
  • Leading practices in digital and cybersecurity risk oversight.
  • Regulatory and legislative issues and trends.

DDN boardroom briefings help:

  • Develop corporate director digital and cybersecurity oversight abilities and understanding of systemic risk. 
  • Keep directors current on regulatory trends.
  • Help corporate boardroom effectiveness in digital and cybersecurity risk oversight.
  • Demonstrate and document good faith in cybersecurity risk oversight. 

For Directors, By Our Digital Directors

Our briefings are delivered by a select group of DDN members and our CEO, Bob Zukis

Our boardroom briefing faculty are some of the world's leading corporate governance professionals in digital and cybersecurity risk oversight. Many of our faculty are, or were, private and/or public company corporate directors. They all have significant management and executive experience in IT and cybersecurity and they all meet the likely SEC definition of a boardroom Qualified Technology Expert (QTE).  

DDN has over 500 curated members with a broad range of digital, cybersecurity and corporate governance experience. We can also customize our briefings to your unique needs across any industry. 

Digital success starts at the top. We'll help you make sure it starts in your boardroom. 

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"Boards must be able to demonstrate credibly that they're thinking proactively about potential systemic risks."

—Collins Seitz Jr., Chief Justice Delaware Supreme Court 


"100% of boards wish they'd taken a more effective approach to cybersecurity risk oversight, 100% of the time after a breach."

—Bob Zukis, DDN CEO and Founder


"Boards need to step up their game and guide their organizations toward the next normal."

—Boards in the Time of Coronavirus, McKinsey