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  • 01 Sep 2020 by Digital Directors Network


    Introducing the Corporate Director's Digital Council to Deliver World-Class Director Learning, Development, and Knowledge to Help Boardroom Leaders Shape and Secure the Digital Future

    FRAMINGHAM, Mass., September 1, 2020 – International Data Corporation (IDC) today announced the Corporate Director's Digital Council with its exclusive partner Digital Directors Network (DDN). 

    "This is the first and only corporate boardroom program focused on developing full board and individual director capability to effectively oversee digital and cybersecurity risk. The future is digital and with this program we're empowering all directors to effectively lead and oversee the digital futures of their companies," said Per Melker, group vice president and general manager for IDC's IT Executive Programs & CIO Executive Council. 

    The Corporate Director's Digital Council offers a series of high engagement executive learning events to develop core digital and cybersecurity competencies for the full board. The full board will also be certified on DDN's DiRECTOR framework, the leading systemic risk model for overseeing systemic risk in complex digital business systems. 

    Individual director digital development plans will also be a key part of the program along with curated content that will be delivered monthly to the full board on the latest digital issues impacting the organization. Individual directors will also have access to IDC's extensive knowledge base for self-learning and DDN's cybersecurity awareness micro-learning episodes. 

    The program will help create digitally savvy boards that can effectively lead companies into the digital future. Directors will also have an efficient way to remain up to date on the latest issues and risks in the rapidly changing digital world. Research from MIT indicates that companies with digitally savvy boards drive 38% higher revenue growth, 17% higher profit margins, and 34% higher market cap growth. 

    "Digital leadership starts with the boardroom and there's a significant business benefit to having digitally savvy boards, especially coming out of the pandemic," said Bob Zukis, DDN CEO and Founder. "These issues are table stakes for every director and boardroom. Certifying corporate boards to the DiRECTOR framework will help directors apply an effective approach to digital and cybersecurity risk that will benefit all of their stakeholders. It will also demonstrate the boards' commitment to these issues during litigitation, which the courts are increasingly focused on," added Zukis, who is also an Adjunct Professor at the USC Marshall School of Business. 

    The Corporate Director's Digital Council is delivered in-person or on-line through an annual subscription. 

    About IDC

    International Data Corporation (IDC) is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. With more than 1,100 analysts worldwide, IDC offers global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends in over 110 countries. IDC's analysis and insight helps IT professionals, business executives, and the investment community to make fact-based technology decisions and to achieve their key business objectives. Founded in 1964, IDC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Data Group (IDG), the world's leading tech media, data and marketing services company. To learn more about IDC, please visit Follow IDC on Twitter at @IDC and LinkedIn. Subscribe to the IDC Blog for industry news and insights:

    About DDN 

    Digital Directors Network (DDN) is the only executive association and leadership development firm focused exclusively on digital and cybersecurity risk oversight in the corporate boardroom. DDN's DiRECTOR framework helps leading companies and their directors understand and mitigate systemic risk throughout their complex digital business systems. DDN's members are innovative corporations, directors, CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, and other executives working to advance the practice and profession of digital and cybersecurity governance. To learn more about DDN, please visit and follow DDN on LinkedIn.

  • 26 Sep 2019 by Digital Directors Network

    DDN Launches The First Boardroom Readiness Training Program For America’s Technology Executives

    Program Will Develop CIOs, CISOs And Other Technology Executives To Effectively Work In The Boardroom To Help Transform Corporate America’s Digital Leadership

    LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 26, 2019 / -- Digital Directors Network (DDN) www.digitaldirectors.network1 announces the launch of the QTE Boardroom Readiness training program for technology executives. This pioneering business school quality program will train and develop technology executives to work effectively in the corporate boardroom.  

    “Board Qualified Technology Experts (QTE’s) are CIOs, CISOs and other technology executives who not only understand these complex issues but who can also contribute to the full boardroom agenda. Helping technology executives work and lead in the boardroom is an issue squarely focused on America’s corporate competitiveness,” said Bob Zukis, DDN CEO. "We have a digital leadership crisis in America and companies must get better at these issues. This starts in the boardroom."

    QTE Boardroom Readiness has three key learning objectives:

    1. Teaching technology executives how to effectively work with their own boards
    2. Preparing technology executives to join the corporate boardroom as directors
    3. Developing core competencies in digital and cybersecurity systemic risk oversight

    DDN’s QTE Boardroom Readiness training is a one-day classroom-based program and certification exam. The program is focused on general corporate governance and the introduction of DDN’s systemic risk oversight models DiRECTOR™ and RISCX™.

    “DDN has developed a pioneering systemic risk oversight model that brings a critical new governance perspective to the unique risks of digital transformation and cybersecurity,” said Jerry Nowicki, board member, and DDN Executive Founding Member.

    The DDN program is the only boardroom readiness program developed and taught by leading academics and practitioners in corporate governance, digital transformation and cybersecurity. “This isn’t a panel focused industry event. It’s a top tier B-school education experience with cases, exercises, a world-class textbook, and a certification exam,” added Zukis. Zukis is also an Adjunct Professor at the USC Marshall School of Business where he developed the only two-day executive education program in the U.S. for corporate directors and CEOs on digital and cybersecurity risk governance.

    The first QTE Boardroom Readiness class is open for registration2 in San Francisco on October 29th. Class size is limited to 20. Tuition is $895 per person and includes all materials, textbook, and lunch. The QTE certification examination can be taken at the end of class and is $395. 

    “Shaping and securing the digital future starts with educating leadership on these issues. It’s core to the future of American business, ” added Zukis. "We're also building an industry consortium of leading firms called the QTE Alliance around our DIRECTOR™ and RISCX™ frameworks. These firms will work with us to advance the practice and implementation of digital and cybersecurity systemic risk management and oversight across America's corporate boards and businesses." 

    About DDN  
    DDN is the only executive association focused exclusively on digital and cybersecurity governance in the corporate boardroom. DDN’s members are Directors, CEOs, CIOs, CISOs and other executives working to advance the practice and profession of digital and cybersecurity governance.

    Bob Zukis
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  • 27 Apr 2019 by Digital Directors Network

    Digital Directors Network Launches Boardroom TV To Provide Cybersecurity Awareness Training For Corporate Directors

    Boardroom TV Is The Only Video-Based Micro-Learning Platform Improving The Digital And Cybersecurity Tone At The Top Of Corporate America

    LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 22, 2019 / -- Digital Directors Network (DDN) the only advocacy, advisory and curated network of digital and cybersecurity experts and corporate directors has launched Boardroom TV.

    Boardroom TV is a unique online animated micro-learning channel that delivers cybersecurity awareness training to corporate directors. Backed by a learning management system, Boardroom TV helps corporate boards document their legal duties to stay informed on cybersecurity risk while improving corporate directors understanding and ability to govern these complex issues.

    “Corporate directors need to improve their understanding of these dynamic issues to fulfill their legal obligations,” said DDN Founder and CEO Bob Zukis.

    Boardroom TV’s episodes are less than 5 minutes in length and cover current cybersecurity breach scenarios and issues. Boardroom TV’s first monthly episodes focus on cybersecurity awareness training. “We partnered with an amazing content producer who created our first short-form animated micro-learning series on current cybersecurity issues,” said Zukis. 

    “Digital success starts at the top, but unfortunately so does digital failure,” said corporate director Andrew Chrostowski. “Boardroom TV delivers a complicated issue in a very effective way,and it sets the right cyber tone at the top for any company, large or small.” 

    Zukis, who is also a Professor at the USC Marshall School of Business teaches the only executive education program in America for corporate directors and CEOs on digital and cybersecurity governance.DDN recommends that all public company boards add qualified technology experts to their board to oversee digital and cybersecurity risk. DDN also recommends annual training for all corporate directors on a wide range of digital and cybersecurity issues to fulfill director legal obligations.

    "Cybersecurity awareness training is such a basic thing, but it’s totally overlooked in the boardroom. Corporate leadership over this issue needs to improve and it starts with the board.” added board member Jerry Nowicki. 

    “Our micro-learning episodes aren't the typical boring, talking head videos. Boardroom TV is world-class learning content that covers a very complex issue in a simple, engaging and effective way,” said Zukis. “Our annual full board license is only $500 a month. Boards can’t afford not to deliver this critical director training at that level.” 

    Boardroom TV is planning additional content covering a wide range of digital and cybersecurity issues, all delivered in an animated micro-learning format. 

    About DDN 

    DDN's mission is to put qualified technology experts onto every corporate board and to make all directors better digital directors. Executive membership is free for eligible digital and cybersecurity executives and corporate directors. DDN also works with corporate members to improve their approach to digital and cybersecurity oversight.


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  • 12 Oct 2018 by Digital Directors Network

    Article includes insights from DDN Members Kathryn Hayley, Tom Bennett and Bob Zukis.

    Board Cyber-Risk Concerns After Alleged Chinese Chip Hacking

    Article published on October 12, 2018

    By Lindsay Frost

    A recent Bloomberg seriesalleges that a Chinese microchip manufacturer infiltrated servers at AmazonApple and an unnamed telecommunications company to spy on trade secrets and other intellectual property. Although the companies have denied the existence of the chips purchased from Super Micro Computer Inc., the news has ignited the fear of widespread hacking among companies.

    This comes as regulators continue to pressure boards to disclose how they are overseeing cyber security-related issues, such as risk mitigation around hardware hacking. Similarly, companies are increasingly trying to bring C-suite technology-focused executives directly onto the board for their insight.

    We're not able to reproduce the entire piece due to FT Agenda copyright, however FT Agenda subscribers can access the full article, please go to:

  • 01 Oct 2018 by Digital Directors Network

    Celebrate #NationalDigitalDirectorsDay With A Call For Corporate Boards To Respond To Their Amazon Moment

    The Future Of Business Needs Corporate Boards To Improve Their Technology and Cybersecurity Oversight To Shape and Secure The Digital Future

    Every corporate board lives in fear of Amazon entering their industry.”

    —Bob Zukis, DDN CEO

    EL SEGUNDO, CA, USA, October 1, 2018 / -- Digital Directors Network (DDN) the only association of technology and cybersecurity executives and directors working to improve corporate digital governance has declared October 1st #NationalDigitalDirectorsDay. DDN encourages the public to show their commitment to the digital future by calling on the companies they do business with to add a Qualified Technology Expert (QTE) to their corporate board with the hashtag #NationalDigitalDIrectorsDay and #QTE.

    “It’s 10-01, what a perfect day for corporate boards to make sure they have the right technology and cybersecurity skills in their director ranks,” said Bob Zukis, DDN CEO who will make the announcement today at the National Association of Corporate Directors Global Leadership Summit in Washington, DC.

    Zukis calls this the Amazon Moment for corporate America. “Right now the cybersecurity risks are the headlines, but this is only one side of the story. It’s been said the software is eating the world, well, it’s more like Amazon is eating the world and they are doing it through technology. Every board lives in fear of Amazon entering their industry.”  

    Zukis, who is also a Professor at the USC Marshall School of Business refers to this as “opportunity risk” when speaking with corporate boards. “The future of business has a digital backbone, and corporate boards need these skills to advise and guide their companies,” he adds.

    Recent boardroom survey data identified risk, security and new technologies as the hardest issues corporate directors are struggling to keep on top of.

    Working in the public interest, DDN is leading an effort to change the digital tone at the top of corporate America. “Cybersecurity is a public interest issue and SEC Commissioner Jackson has called it the most pressing issue in corporate governance today. As consumers we need the companies we choose to do business with to do a better job with cybersecurity, and this starts in the boardroom. We're better than this,” Zukis added.  

    DDN recommends that boards add a Technology and Cybersecurity Committee to effectively address these issues and calls for Qualified Technology Experts to serve on corporate boards. 

    About DDN  
    DDN is a boardroom engagement and education platform for directors and the only curated executive association of board qualified technology and cybersecurity experts, directors and organizations working to improve corporate digital governance. Membership is free for board ready digital and cybersecurity executives and directors.  

    For more information please email

    Bob Zukis
    Digital Directors Network

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