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Are You A Boardroom Ready Technology Executive?

Work With Us....And We'll Make Sure You Are

Boardroom Certified Qualified Technology Experts (QTE's)

Being a technology executive is one thing. Being certified as a Qualified Technology Expert (QTE) is another.

When the SEC defined boardroom Qualified Financial Expert (QFE) as part of The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 they used a competency-based approach. We've applied that blueprint to define what it means to be a boardroom Qualified Technology Expert (QTE) and designed and built the only boardroom certification training program focused on preparing technology executives for their expanding role in the corporate boardroom.

In addition to attending the one-day executive education classes and passing the QTE certification exam, being certified as a Qualified Technology Expert requires governance or executive management experience and/or education in one or more domains of a complex digital business system.

We teach and certify to DiRECTORTM the only systemic risk oversight model for understanding and governing complex digital systems. 

Corporate directors and other C-suite executives are also taking the class to learn about the framework and the unique risk oversight issues inherent in complex digital business systems.  

QTE training is more than talking heads and panels. It's the only business school quality executive education experience designed, built and taught by leading academics and experts in corporate and digital governance. Participants will walk away with the tools and confidence they need to effectively contribute to the corporate boardroom. 

Those who meet the experience requirements and who pass the QTE Certification exam will become QTE Certified. 

The one-day QTE 501 Boardroom Certification class covers: 

  • The foundations of corporate governance and the role of the corporate director
  • Key trends, changes and current issues in corporate governance
  • Leading practices in systemic risk oversight in complex digital systems
  • Communications issues and approaches on digital and cybersecurity risk in the boardroom
  • Developments in digital and cyber governance regulation
  • Boardroom compensation, director legal issues, and board resumes 

At the conclusion of class, QTE Certification is available through a comprehensive examination. Give us one-day, and we'll make you a Boardroom Certified QTE. Go to our Masterclass & Events page for dates and to register for an open class. 


The DiRECTOR Alliance

The DiRECTOR(TM) Alliance is a group of leading firms working with us to deploy systemic risk management and oversight practices with their clients. These leading firms are at the forefront of shaping and securing the digital future and work with us to develop and roll out the DiRECTOR(TM) framework for governing and managing systemic risk in complex digital business systems. 

Their clients attend the QTE training programs, they host classes and they implement the frameworks with their clients to help them safely navigate the digital future. Contact us and let's shape and secure the digital future together.

Contact Us To Join The QTE Alliance


"The [QTE Boardroom Readiness] course content provided an excellent framework for board-level engagement. I thoroughly enjoyed the deep dive discussions with an exceptional class!"

—Rishi Tripathi, SVP and CISO at the NBA


"My compliments on the quality of the course, DDN and the instruction style. For me personally, the timing could not have been better as this has already been extremely helpful for work with my own Board Cyber Committee." 

—Gary Cantrell, CIO, Jabil Corp. (NYSE: JBL)


"DDN’s QTE Boardroom Readiness executive education program fills a critical gap to prepare technologists for board service like no other course that I’ve seen." 

—Daphne Jones, Corporate Director, (AMN: NYSE, B: NYSE, DOOR: NYSE) and former SVP and CIO GE Healthcare


"DDN’s Boardroom Readiness course could not come at a more important time – too few Boards realize how deep (and dangerous) their technology information gap is. And too few CISO’s know how to engage with the Board. This course is a must-have for every CISO that not only wants currency with their Board, but wants to help lead it as well."

—Bob Litterer, VP & CISO, Biogen (NASDAQ: BIIB)


Masterclass Schedule & Events

We'd love to see you. Join us at our next Masterclass or event to learn about the latest in digital and cybersecurity governance.