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Our goal is to put a digital director into every corporate boardroom and to make every director a better digital director. 



Our members are CIOs, CISOs, CROs, CDOs, tech industry execs, directors and organizations working together to shape and secure the digital future.

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We advise boards on leading digital governance practices and educate directors with unique content, events and BoardroomTV

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We'll help you identify a qualified technology expert (QTE) who can improve the digital diversity of your boardroom. 

"A board member's role...includes a broad understanding of the benefits and risks of digital transformation — including the risks of inaction." 

—Deloitte Digital 2018


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We're a curated membership of digital executives, directors and organizations working to shape and secure the digital future by improving digital governance. Membership is FREE for qualified digital executives and directors. 

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The rising cyber threat is the..."most pressing issue in corporate governance today."

—SEC Commissioner Robert E. Jackson Jr. 2018


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