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We'll Help You Find A Qualified Technology Expert for Your Board. No Fees — Just Digital Diversity.

How We Work With You

If you are looking for a Qualified Technology Expert (QTE) to join your board, we can help. Our membership is made up of board qualified technology experts who have the experience, skills, and qualifications to govern digital and cybersecurity risk while adding significant value to the broader boardroom agenda.

Not just technology experts, but well-rounded business executives who understand how technology is driving digital disruption and its risks. Our membership is the only curated group of executives actively focused, engaged and trained on these issues. Many of them are actively looking for corporate board seats. 

We will introduce you to a board qualified technology expert from the DDN membership who meets your requirements — there is no recruiting fee. 

If you are a recruiter, we'll be happy to refer our network to your open searches as a referral partner. Contact us to discuss terms.  

Bob Zukis
DDN CEO and Founder

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Data breaches are in "uncharted territory, it's going to get worse, not better."

—Warren Buffett 2018