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Recruit A Digital Or Cybersecurity Director To Your Board

We've Found The Leading Digitally Diverse Executives And Directors To Make Your Board Digitally Savvy

Digital Director Recruitment

The proof is in, digital and cybersecurity success starts in the boardroom.

Digitally savvy directors are also in high demand. Every corporate board needs digital and cybersecurity directors to successfully and safely govern their company into the digital future. MIT research has also shown that companies with digitally savvy boards significantly outperform their peers. 

In addition, proposed Senate Bill S. 808, The Cybersecurity Disclosure Act of 2021 would amend the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and require covered firms to disclose if any member of the board has experience or expertise in cybersecurity. 

DDN members are the foremost leaders in understanding systemic risk in complex digital business systems alongside governing digital and cybersecurity risk. We've recruited, screened, trained and certified our members and they are ready to add value to any boardroom. Our members are the only curated pool of executives and directors trained specifically on these issues.

If you are looking for a digital or cybersecurity director to join your board, we can help. We work with you on a small initial retainer, and then we'll screen our full membership and present you with board candidates on a success based placement fee.  

Our fees are well below traditional search costs and our curated membership allows us to deliver high-quality candidates in a fraction of the time of traditional search. 

But most importantly, our approach is focused on getting high-quality digitally savvy directors into your corporate boardroom who can govern the technical and business impact issues surrounding your digital future. Our members are not just boardroom ready technology experts, but well-rounded business executives who understand how technology drives business value and how to protect it. Many of them are actively looking for corporate board seats. 

Here's the story of a DDN match between two of our members.

If you are a recruiter, we'll be happy to refer our board qualified network to your open searches as a referral partner. Contact us to discuss terms.  

Bob Zukis
DDN Founder and CEO

I Want A Digitally Savvy Director For My Board

Companies with digital directors had 31% higher market capital growth over 3 years than those without qualified technology experts on their boards based upon MIT research. 

—MIT 2019 CISR Research of 1,233 Public Companies


Companies with digital directors had 38% higher revenue growth over 3 years than those without qualified technology experts on their boards based upon MIT research. 

—MIT 2019 CISR Research of 1,233 Public Companies


"My compliments on the quality of the course, DDN and the instruction style. For me personally, the timing could not have been better as this has already been extremely helpful for work with my own Board Cyber Committee." 

—Gary Cantrell, CIO, Jabil Corp. #159 Fortune 500 (JBL: NYSE)


"Boards must be able to demonstrate credibly that they're thinking proactively about potential systemic risks."

—Collins Seitz Jr., Chief Justice Delaware Supreme Court