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DDN Membership Types

Digital and Cyber Executives, Corporate Boards and Leading IT and Cybersecurity Firms

Digital and Cybersecurity Leaders - Executive Membership

We are curated learning network working to advance the practice and profession of digital and cybersecurity governance. As such, there are no DDN membership dues for Executive Membership for technology and cybersecurity executives who want to join us and develop their basic digital and cybersecurity risk oversight skills and embark on a path into the corporate boardroom. 

Executive Member Benefits

  • Prepare for directorship and obtain the QTE(TM) certification to identify yourself as boardroom trained and ready.
  • Gain access to proprietary INSIGHTS to learn about leading practices and issues in digital and cyber risk governance. 
  • Join exclusive education events focused on digital and cybersecurity governance.
  • Identify yourself for boardroom service and as a leader in digital and cybersecurity governance with digital badging and through the Equilar Diversity Network. 
  • Add your voice to shape responsible digital and cyber governance policy.
  • If you are wanting to join DDN to be able to attend DOMINO '23 on May 16-17 please contact use before May 1 so we can connect with you on DDN Membership ahead of the event.   

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Corporate Boards - Annual Full Board Membership

Digital and cyber success start in the boardroom. The corporate boardroom is a critical control point in cybersecurity and a vital part of every company's journey towards the digital future and every director needs foundational competencies in digital and cyber risk. 

Full Board Annual Membership Benefits

  • Identification of the full board and individual directors as trained on DiRECTOR(TM) the only framework designed exclusively to help boards govern systemic cyber risk.
  • A private full board masterclass on DiRECTOR(TM)  delivered by the leading experts on these issues.  
  • Up to eight hours per year of boardroom advice on digital and cybersecurity from the world's foremost experts.  
  • Individual director membership to DDN with access to proprietary INSIGHTS on digital and cyber governance.
  • Subscription to Boardroom TV, the only animated cybersecurity risk awareness micro-learning training program for all corporate directors. 
  • Ability to identify and recruit onto your board the most qualified and digitally diverse director candidates from DDN's exclusive and private membership. 
  • Public company boards will receive a Digital Governance Report Card and grade to assess their boardroom practices in digital and cyber risk oversight against leading practices.  

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IT and Cybersecurity Companies - DiRECTOR(TM) Alliance Members

Leading IT and cybersecurity companies become DiRECTOR(TM) Alliance Members to help their customers shape and secure their digital futures. These leaders recognize the value of helping their customers and their customer's boardrooms develop deeper competencies in governing and managing systemic change and systemic risk in complex digital business systems. 

DiRECTOR(TM) Alliance Members Annual Benefits

  • Commercial license rights to DDN’s DiRECTOR™ and RISCX™ frameworks to develop and deploy services or products around systemic cyber risk.
  • Ten seats annually for staff or customers for an exclusive online DDN Masterclass and the ability to host the Masterclass. 
  • A 10% discount on twenty-seat bundles to any DDN Masterclass for internal or client use.
  • Up to eight hours annually of priority access to DDN Faculty for client service support. 

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