DDN Membership Types

Digital And Cyber Executives Join For Free—Corporate Board Memberships Are Also Available

Executive Membership 

Membership is FREE for board qualified technology and cybersecurity experts who want to develop their digital and cybersecurity risk oversight skills.

Executive Member Benefits:

  • Gain access to proprietary Insights to learn about leading practices and issues
  • Join exclusive education events focused on digital and cybersecurity governance
  • Obtain the QTE(TM) certification to be boardroom ready
  • Identify yourself for boardroom service and as a leader in digital governance
  • Attend events and network with other leaders shaping and securing the digital future
  • Add your voice to shape responsible digital policy

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Boardroom Membership

We're the only professional organization focused exclusively on digital and cybersecurity risk oversight. Our experts work with corporate directors and boards to transform their approach to digital and cybersecurity governance. Contact us to discuss full board membership. 

Boardroom Member Benefits:

  • Work with our experts to shape your approach to digital and cybersecurity risk oversight
  • Get full board access to Boardroom TV the only cybersecurity risk awareness micro-learning training for directors
  • Gain access to proprietary learning content on emerging and leading digital oversight practices
  • Attend education and networking events
  • Participate in advocacy to shape public-private coordination
  • Recruit board qualified technology experts from the DDN membership to your board

How Can We Help?

"A board member's role...includes a broad understanding of the benefits and risks of digital transformation — including the risks of inaction." 

—Deloitte Digital


Companies with digital directors had 38% higher revenue growth over 3 years than those without qualified technology experts on their boards based upon MIT research. 

—MIT 2019 CISR Research of 1,233 Public Companies


Data breaches are in "uncharted territory, it's going to get worse, not better."

—Warren Buffett