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  • 12 Oct 2018 by Digital Directors Network

    Article includes insights from DDN Members Kathryn Hayley, Tom Bennett and Bob Zukis.

    Board Cyber-Risk Concerns After Alleged Chinese Chip Hacking

    Article published on October 12, 2018

    By Lindsay Frost

    A recent Bloomberg seriesalleges that a Chinese microchip manufacturer infiltrated servers at AmazonApple and an unnamed telecommunications company to spy on trade secrets and other intellectual property. Although the companies have denied the existence of the chips purchased from Super Micro Computer Inc., the news has ignited the fear of widespread hacking among companies.

    This comes as regulators continue to pressure boards to disclose how they are overseeing cyber security-related issues, such as risk mitigation around hardware hacking. Similarly, companies are increasingly trying to bring C-suite technology-focused executives directly onto the board for their insight.

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  • 01 Oct 2018 by Digital Directors Network

    Celebrate #NationalDigitalDirectorsDay With A Call For Corporate Boards To Respond To Their Amazon Moment

    The Future Of Business Needs Corporate Boards To Improve Their Technology and Cybersecurity Oversight To Shape and Secure The Digital Future

    Every corporate board lives in fear of Amazon entering their industry.”

    —Bob Zukis, DDN CEO

    EL SEGUNDO, CA, USA, October 1, 2018 / -- Digital Directors Network (DDN) the only association of technology and cybersecurity executives and directors working to improve corporate digital governance has declared October 1st #NationalDigitalDirectorsDay. DDN encourages the public to show their commitment to the digital future by calling on the companies they do business with to add a Qualified Technology Expert (QTE) to their corporate board with the hashtag #NationalDigitalDIrectorsDay and #QTE.

    “It’s 10-01, what a perfect day for corporate boards to make sure they have the right technology and cybersecurity skills in their director ranks,” said Bob Zukis, DDN CEO who will make the announcement today at the National Association of Corporate Directors Global Leadership Summit in Washington, DC.

    Zukis calls this the Amazon Moment for corporate America. “Right now the cybersecurity risks are the headlines, but this is only one side of the story. It’s been said the software is eating the world, well, it’s more like Amazon is eating the world and they are doing it through technology. Every board lives in fear of Amazon entering their industry.”  

    Zukis, who is also a Professor at the USC Marshall School of Business refers to this as “opportunity risk” when speaking with corporate boards. “The future of business has a digital backbone, and corporate boards need these skills to advise and guide their companies,” he adds.

    Recent boardroom survey data identified risk, security and new technologies as the hardest issues corporate directors are struggling to keep on top of.

    Working in the public interest, DDN is leading an effort to change the digital tone at the top of corporate America. “Cybersecurity is a public interest issue and SEC Commissioner Jackson has called it the most pressing issue in corporate governance today. As consumers we need the companies we choose to do business with to do a better job with cybersecurity, and this starts in the boardroom. We're better than this,” Zukis added.  

    DDN recommends that boards add a Technology and Cybersecurity Committee to effectively address these issues and calls for Qualified Technology Experts to serve on corporate boards. 

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