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DDN Members in FT Agenda

DDN Members in FT Agenda
12 Oct 2018 by Digital Directors Network

Article includes insights from DDN Members Kathryn Hayley, Tom Bennett and Bob Zukis.

Board Cyber-Risk Concerns After Alleged Chinese Chip Hacking

Article published on October 12, 2018

By Lindsay Frost

A recent Bloomberg seriesalleges that a Chinese microchip manufacturer infiltrated servers at AmazonApple and an unnamed telecommunications company to spy on trade secrets and other intellectual property. Although the companies have denied the existence of the chips purchased from Super Micro Computer Inc., the news has ignited the fear of widespread hacking among companies.

This comes as regulators continue to pressure boards to disclose how they are overseeing cyber security-related issues, such as risk mitigation around hardware hacking. Similarly, companies are increasingly trying to bring C-suite technology-focused executives directly onto the board for their insight.

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