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DDN 502 Cohort 22.6: Systemic Cyber Risk Governance For U.S. PubCo Boardroom Directors (FULL)

04 Oct 2022
9:00am - 11:30am PDT


Governing cyber risk has never been more challenging. War, COVID, new proposed SEC rules on cybersecurity, and the escalation of systemic cyber risk. 

The DDN 502 Masterclass is for U.S. public company corporate directors to help them understand the leading practices and latest issues in the boardroom around governing systemic cyber risk.

The DDN 502 Masterclass is a leading executive education experience, it is not an industry event. The Masterclass is presented in collaboration with Accenture Security and tuition will be waived with their compliments by using the code ACNCORPGOV during enrollment.

The DDN 502 Masterclass is designed to help America's boardrooms and corporate directors lead their companies successfully and safely into the digital future. Enrollment is open only to active corporate directors on the board of a U.S. public company. 


This Masterclass is the only board-level program designed and taught by leading academics and practitioners in cybersecurity, systemic risk, and corporate governance.  

Bob Zukis, Professor - Bob is the lead professor for the course. He is a leading advocate and educator on systemic cyber risk and is a USC Marshall School of Business Adjunct Professor. He's the DDN founder and CEO, a former early-stage SaaS CEO and director, and a retired PwC advisory partner. Bob brings over thirty-five years of technology leadership and academic rigor to the DDN Masterclass. He is the lead author for the course text, The Great Reboot - Succeeding in a Complex Digital World Under Attack From Systemic Risk. 

Bob is a Forbes contributor, a Senior Fellow in The Conference Board's ESG Center, an emeritus board member for the NACD PSW chapter, and a prolific author and speaker on systemic risk, digital leadership, and corporate governance. As a PwC advisory partner, Bob led PwC's IT strategy/operations, data management and west coast cybersecurity practices. He's lived and worked globally on four continents across twenty countries. 

Linda Medler, Corporate Director and USAF Brig. General (Ret.) - Co-instructing the Masterclass is Brigadier General (Ret.) Linda Medler. Linda is a corporate director at PNC (NYSE), TransAmerica Insurance Inc., and the former CISO at Raytheon Missile Systems. 

Senior Accenture Security cybersecurity experts will also teach on the current cyber threat landscape and the latest cyber security governance tactics.  


The Masterclass will keep corporate directors current on the latest threat issues in cyber risk, and it will also develop core competencies in systemic risk, cyber disclosure, and cyber economics. Participants will also be taught the DiRECTOR™ framework for understanding and governing systemic risk in complex digital business systems as featured in the September/October 2021 edition of NACD Directorship (cover story).  

Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice Seitz recently made the following comment: 

"Boards must be able to demonstrate credibly that they're thinking proactively about potential systemic risks."

—Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice Collins Seitz Jr.

This is the only Masterclass of its kind focused on helping U.S. public company corporate directors reduce systemic cyber-related business risks and cyber litigation risks. Class participation will document and develop corporate director competencies to govern systemic cyber risk in complex digital business systems. 

The Masterclass is a business-school caliber learning experience. It is instructed live online. 

There are three key learning objectives for the Masterclass: 

  1. To maintain director understanding and awareness of the latest issues in cyber risk and the cyber threat landscape including the proposed SEC rules.
  2. To develop director core competencies in systemic risk, cybersecurity, and the complex digital business system.
  3. To teach corporate directors the leading boardroom practices in cyber risk oversight including boardroom structure, cyber risk disclosure, and governing cyber risk as a material financial risk. 


"I very much enjoyed the course. It was very thought provoking. My board colleagues and I are looking to compare notes at our upcoming board meeting in 2 weeks. There are some best practices from the course and materials that we will likely be adopting."

—Bob Byrne Executive Chair
Masonite Inc. (NYSE: DOOR)

"It was a really great Masterclass, and I learned a lot and will certainly use the knowledge."

—Erin Selleck, Corporate Director
Lending Club (NYSE: LC)

"In addition to providing directors with a practical analytical framework for cyber risk governance, DDN gives participants an entree to continuing educational opportunities and the chance to stay "top of game" on these fast moving issues."

—Lisa Quateman, Corporate Director
Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corporation (NYSE: WMC)


The Masterclass brings peer discussion, current cases, and the latest issues alive in an interactive executive learning experience. Participants will gain the knowledge, competencies, and understanding of the practical tools they need to govern systemic cyber risk effectively.   

Each cohort is taught live and limited to a small number of participants to drive engagement and peer interaction. Classes can be expanded to accommodate an entire corporate board, please contact us

Chatham House Rules will be in effect. 


Documenting corporate director training on systemic cyber risk is a leading corporate governance practice. Upon course completion, Masterclass participants will be able to take an online examination on the course content. They will receive a course Certificate of Completion to document their course participation. The final exam will be administered online after class and is required to obtain the course Certificate of Completion. 

Exams will be graded for participant information only. The examination is a tool to reinforce key concepts and document participant learning. The Masterclass exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions and an answer key will be provided for self-review. Participants will also be provided the course slides after taking the examination. 


Registration is open to U.S. public company corporate directors only. U.S. Public company corporate directors can use the code ACNCORPGOV to enroll with the compliments of Accenture Security. Upon registration, participants will be sent their course materials to the address indicated during online registration. We estimate three hours of pre-reading to prepare for the Masterclass and the examination. 

The Masterclass is taught live on Zoom and it is not recorded. 

Tickets are sold out

04 Oct 2022
9:00am - 11:30am PDT