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ONLINE DDN 502 CORPORATE DIRECTORS MASTERCLASS 21.1: Systemic Risk And Digital Business Systems (FULL)

09 Feb 2021 @ 11:30am PST
16 Feb 2021 @ 12:30pm PST

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The DDN 502 masterclass is for corporate directors to help them understand and govern key issues in systemic risk, failure and change. Focused primarily on the complex digital business system, DDN 502 is the only class of its kind addressing both systemic risk and it's implications in digital and cybersecurity risk oversight.

DDN 502 provides support to boardrooms in response to the Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court on his statement that boards need to develop core competencies in systemic risk. The World Economic Forum has also identified systems thinking skills as critical leadership competencies post-pandemic. 

Boards must be able to demonstrate credibly that they're thinking proactively about potential systemic risks.

— Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice Collins Seitz Jr. 2020

Systems thinking [skills] are becoming increasingly essential...As business leaders develop these skills, they can develop a better understanding of the threats that arise from the surrounding volatility and use patterns to introduce the right interventions at the right moments.

— World Economic Forum


DDN 502 is taught to leading business school academic standards and is focused on developing core corporate director competencies in systems thinking, systemic risk and change. DDN 502 focuses on helping directors apply these competencies to their oversight of the upside and downside risks surrounding their digital business systems. 

Systems thinking is a mindset to think, communicate and learn about systems to make the full patterns clearer, improve and share the understanding of problems and see how to face them effectively.

— World Economic Forum

DDN 502 primarily focuses on the systemic issues in the complex digital business systems that power every organization. Empowering corporate directors to apply these concepts in a contextual way will also improve digital and cybersecurity risk oversight. Participants will be taught the DiRECTOR(TM) framework for understanding systemic risk in complex digital business systems. 

The online class is two 90-minute live modules. 

Class days for this cohort are: 

February 9 (11:30 - 1:00 pm pacific time)

February 16 (11:00 - 12:30 pm pacific time, plus 60 minutes for the online examination)

Our online cohorts are limited to a maximum of 4 participants to drive a high level of engagement and peer interaction. 


This class has three key learning objectives targeted at the corporate director: 

1. Developing core systems thinking competencies.

2. Improving the ability of corporate directors to understand and govern systemic risk in complex digital business systems.

3. Empowering corporate directors to apply systems thinking skills to systemic change to govern the strategic and opportunity risks related to market disruption and value creation post-COVID.  

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • Be able to demonstrate credibly their development of core competencies in understanding systemic risk and change.
  • Have a core understanding of the DiRECTOR(TM) framework and systemic risk in complex digital business systems to strengthen their ability to oversee digital and cybersecurity risk. .
  • Be able to apply systems thinking competencies to issues in strategic growth and competitive differentiation.
  • Understand critical litigation risk mitigation issues in systemic risk.


DDN 502 is the only program designed and taught by leading academics and practitioners in systemic risk, digital transformation, cybersecurity, and corporate governance.  

The lead instructor for the curriculum is Bob Zukis, USC Marshall School of Business Professor, DDN CEO/Founder and former PwC Advisory Partner. Bob brings over thirty-five years of management consulting experience and academic rigor to the DDN 502 learning experience. 

He is the lead author for the course text, The Great Reboot - Succeeding in a World of Catastrophic Risk and Opportunity. 

He is a Senior Fellow in The Conference Board's Governance Center, a board member for the NACD PSW chapter and a prolific author and speaker on systemic risk, digital leadership, and corporate governance. As a PwC Advisory Partner Bob led PwC's IT strategy/operations and data management practices and worked and lived globally across four continents and twenty countries. 


This is a leading business school executive learning experience, it is not an industry style event. Participants will participate in lectures, exercises, peer discussion and case reviews that focus on the key knowledge, skills, and practical tools to be understand systemic risk. 


Participants will be tested on the content covered in class and will earn a Certificate of Completion to document their successful course completion. The exam will be graded, however there is no minimum score to receive the course Certificate of Completion.

The examination is a tool to reinforce key concepts and assess participants comprehension. Exams will be reviewed with participants to reinforce the learning experience. The exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions.  


Upon registration, participants will be sent their course text and all other materials to the address that they provide during on-line registration.

We estimate that 2-3 hours of pre-reading is required to prepare for class.

We keep classes small to facilitate engagement for all participants. No-shows or missed days can watch the recorded class online. 

09 Feb 2021 @ 11:30am PST
16 Feb 2021 @ 12:30pm PST

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